Mother’s Pride (1985)

December 17th, 2011

Mothers Pride (1985)

Sound track music is repetitive and boring, but Kim Carson is wicked and hawt as the daughter of a trashy--very trashy--mother. Kim is is determined to show that this babe is more good than mommy at everything--including servicing mom's multiple boyfriends, singly or in group settings. The out-takes at the end are as nice as everything in the film. Carson has a sense of humor and shows it by doing sound effects with a sex toy. There is a reason that the producer was giving it away for shipping and handling as a teaser. It won't each be a but it is worth renting, and it has a 1st performance by a surprise performer who doesn't do much in this film but who went on to make a number of others.
Plot Keywords:Fellatio | Hardcore | Lesbian Sex | Female Nudity | Ejaculation
Director:Billy Max
Writer:Billy Max
Stars:Colleen Brennan, Kimberly Carson and Steve Drake
Duration : 1h 0mn

File size: 698.8 MB

Mothers Pride (1985)

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Mothers Pride (1985)Mothers Pride (1985)Mothers Pride (1985)Mothers Pride (1985)Mothers Pride (1985)
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