Sommaren Med Wanja (1980)

January 26th, 2012

Release Year: 1980

Studio: Film AB Corona

Cast: Oili Virta,Sven Olof Erikson,Harry Anderson,Steven Collins,Kurre Levin,Orvar Pedersen

Genres: Classic, Retro

Video language: English

Blonde Wanja mirrors to jazz music. She is bare. Borje sit and work at his office, But tired. He calls Wanja. He calls Wanja is on her couch in a transparent nightie and talking with Borja. She says her spouse Anders is on course to come up a notch. It 1st began, we all need some times. Wanja wonder if Borjesson is on the way to her. Borje not does await this invitation But discover Themselves Quickly and responder That that guy Will Immediately. Wanja was just kidding. Borje desire to come, But May Wait Until The Next Day, Wanja to go swimming. She masturbates the during the time that and tells Borja. Then this babe begged to stop. Then this babe had to stop. They say howdy and Wanja masturbates on.
Stockholm archipelago on a charming summer day. A youthful stud with big downy whiskers and coral necklace sitting in a motor boat. A brunette hair Comes out of the cabin. She fondles it. Wanja is on a rock and fondling herself. The guy with a coral necklace and brunette hair have sex. Wanja caressing themselves on.
Borje read the newspaper. His wife Lena sew.She wears a wig bias and asks if Borje had a great job. Borje wish to read the paper But the wife will love.Borje budge. They love.Brunette and the sideburns are too in the abode. They have sex afresh, in a darksome leather bed. When Borje and his wife are finished, they look at the back door.
The day after it is autumn.Wanja will be picked up by Borje in his silver Mercedes and drive to Bill's abode where they can bathe on undisturbed. Borje hopes this chab has the right key with him to the cottage. It was. After having been in the friend's daybed is Borje and Wanja into the sauna and having sex.
Meanwhile, put Bill's wife, clothed solely in a petite short apron, filthy crockery in the dishwasher. Then this babe goes out and talking on the phone with Mona who invites all to celebrate. Meanwhile, Care sing herself, and Borje and Wanja Continues to have sex in the sauna. Borje say they notice that it was lengthy agone Wanja got smth, and it is about to change, that guy promises. Lena talking on the phone and fondling herself. Borje and Wanja has now gone out to a rocking chair where they proceed to love.Borje wish to make a hangover and that guy should. Lena says howdy to Mona.Borje and Wanja has now moved into the bedroom and eventually quit their intercourse.
It's a party at Mona.Borje and Lena and Wanja is there with a group of other people. Lena making out with a stud on the couch.Wanja tell a red-haired ally about yesterday's adventure in a flashback from the journey to Bill's abode. The car stalls on the road and Borje go's to a farm to acquire petrol.Then that guy disappeared out of the way, helping 3 guys in a blue Volkswagen and one of em says "Look there is a cable of course.Wanja thanks the dudes in the merely way that babe can. One of em has sex with Wanja whilst rest stand and look below the hood.Then that guy goes to a tree and pee. Then run the 3 on. Then Borje back with petrol can. Wanja begin the car.Borje exclaims "And I have been lugging!"
The red-haired ally Katya says that babe and her roommate Yvonne, who has a wig and lengthy showers with the wig on, tend to fondle every other with a dildo.This is reproduced in the picture. She too tells us that they managed to tempt the mailman. Although this is reproduced in the picture.The postman Bring The mail, and says "What now?" When it is a poke out of the mailbox afresh. He calls on and tower up by the 2 cuties And Then Have The Three Six. The postman is the same stud who had sex with Wanja breakdown services incident, think Katya, and there it is.
At the party, they are unabashed and many show their milk shakes, genitals, etc. Wanja watch a photo of Bill's son. It is political season! In some other flashback, from the Archipelago, that guy and Wanja six. In some other flashback, from the archipelago, that guy and Wanja have sex.
Now, Almost everybody at the party has sex.Borje Wanja crave to be with, but that this babe did not at 1st. Since that babe has yet sex with majority fellows there.All have sex with everybody. In the last scene, they are in one large pile.

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Sommaren Med Wanja (1980)

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Sommaren Med Wanja (1980)

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