Die Zauberflote Aka La Monteuses

November 27th, 2013

Release Year: 1977

Cast: Actresses: Danièle David Erika Cool Marlène Myller Siegried Cellier Sophie Bulle Actors: Cyril Val Madou Sall Guy Bonnafoux Philippe Prevet Jean Cherlian Jacques Couderc Gilbert Servien Gaston Meunier Ray Prevet

Genres: classic/porno/lesbi/group/oral

Video language: German

Hughe de Grand-Mât is a immoral stud who lives in a stately home alone but for his secretary, Joyce (never to be mentioned once more. Feeling his approaching this guy gathers all his descendants in order to make a decision who is going to be his heir. (The soundtrack mentions the families being stern and serious but sublime Erika Cool and Siegrid Cellier were definitely not fit to embody that!). Joël is there with his parents and looking forward to encounter his cousin Catherine. When bored Joël goes out and Catherine appears to be cheerful to accompany him but ...
Strolling alone on the grounds, Joël witnesses his uncle clothed in religious clothing inside his chapel and masturbating during the time that his 2 female servants are involved with every other and a plastic tool. Joël enters and masturbates likewise until this guy faints on the steps leading to the altar. The 2 angels quickly assist him recover and the scene ends on him coming into the helpfull face holes.
But Joël is still a virgin, and this worries him as the servants come into his room in the morning for a precious little French breakfast including cuties and croissants. Only allowed to use his tongue, the chap will not lose his virginity this time. Let's admit that such careful attention from worthy little servants can no doubt aid in overcoming such a predicament for a whilst.
Joël is next introduced to his uncle who desires to ask him 3 questions (strangely sufficiently, the 1st one is logically asked by the nephew or did I miss smth? But after four viewings...) 1) Do u desire to take me with u? 2) Do u desire to live here? 3) Do u like working ? The uncle is gratified with Joël's no and suggests him his main treasure - a flute, on condition his nephew tells him what happens when this chab blows the instrument.
Joël tries his flute in his bedroom (outside his father is banging at the door but we will not at any time know why) and notices it has an effect on his jock. The following day, Joël meets Catherine fishing by the river. She tries to make allies with him but he's likewise shy and goes away.
Playing the flute from his window this chab notices a woman clothed as a widow walking across the lawn. He joins her in the chapel. A small in number notes from the flute and she's willing for sex and the lad, making the superlatively good out of the situation, becomes a guy. That's how things go. Not bad for a shy 1st timer I guess. Without even seeing her face (fancy collision a veiled stranger in a chapel for a 1st time?). When that guy tells his uncle, the old guy is greater amount than pleasured.
An evening in Joël's family : that guy receives bored rigid as his father reads out loud Pierre Loti poems and his mother plays the piano. In the same room, behind a folding-screen, the 3 servants are expecting on every other until the darksome male servant comes into Danièle David's face hole. (Her most excellent scene ever if i may say so. The one u would put on a compilation or as an illustration for her acting instead of a photo).
Joël has delicate feelings for his cousin who appears to be to delight in teasing him. A bit further, this chab comes across the 2 chicks this guy has met previous to and... Let's put ourselves in his place. What would u do on a sunny afternoon with Erika Cool, Siedrig Cellier and a magic flute? Well I guess this guy couldn't escape it. Takes his flute out. Plays a hardly any notes. The angels' breasts coming out and one thing leading to one more... The scene is disrupted (after the lad coming on Erika's a-hole by the 2 hunting husbands who pursue him.
Catherine helps him by saying that guy was with her but when that guy tries his flute on her, this babe runs away shocked by his intention and shouting '!' The loving uncle explains that the flute have to not at any time be spat in and not at any time drank either. When Joël afresh tries his flute on Catherine, this time this babe reacts and sucks him off after masturbating in front of him. As the lad comes onto her throat we may wonder why this chab came alone. That's bad manners for a youthful stud to such a darling pleasant little cousin. But the lovely little darling of a cousin doesn't appear to be to notice (this is a porn porn's world!) and there's no way now of telling her.
The uncle is having a party and 1st discards the members of the family that that guy dislikes. All locked playing cards in a room. In the meantime Joël will be the solely male apart from the servant among the four beauties. A little blow on the flute and the dresses fall to the ground. Joël has time to notice that his cousin is not there previous to that guy is one time once more in the hands, face holes and cunts of the above-mentioned 2 marvels. The 3 servants are one time anew among themselves but don't appear to be prejudiced. The uncle clothed as a bishop directs the participants. With night coming, this chab suggests Joël one more angel (obviously Catherine, but no mention is made of her) who sure knows how to use this mute present.
The uncle dies and leaves his nephew as merely heir. The entire frustrated family leave the place to Joël (where's Catherine?) who sees the widow outside and one time another time follows her into the chapel. This time her face is uncovered. She takes the flute, inserts it into her bawdy cleft (the flute have to not be drank, remember?) and leaves Joël crying, deprived of his magic instrument . In order to cheer him up, the 2 servants suggest him a trumpet which turns out to be some other enchanted instrument. The film ends on Joêl playing jazz during the time that Catherine dances and disrobes. in the background, the dark male servant is snapping his fingers to the rhythm.
I just don't understand why the film makes no allusion to Mozart's Zauberflöte. Ain't there one more title for this film (la flûte enchantée?). Well, with it is nice-looking gals, it is lack of consistency, it is terrible dubbing and music - but i guess the music was solely there to cover the squeaking and squealing of the velvet and metallic chairs in the theatres, a good film from the admirable old days though.

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Die Zauberflote aka La Monteuses

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Die Zauberflote aka La Monteuses

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