Secret Desire

June 21st, 2015

Release Year: 1975

Cast: Peni Burk, Joe Kado, Kay Louis, Sam Torn

Genres: Classic, Feature

Video language: English

Secret Desire is one of the better-known pornographic roughies that Alpha Blue Archives have included on this box set. The film itself elicits lengthy forgotten memories of darkened attics; spooky-looking chaps that your parents warned u about, and the ubiquitous warnings of "don't go in the house!" Secret Desire is a very lovely adult roughie that indeed attempts to harness the aura of frightening houses and utilizes it into creating disturbing atmosphere of dread.
The film starts with the idyllic view of what appears to be the hills of Northern California, a place of golden and tranquil hotty and incessant sunny days, attesting to the massive increase in population during the 1970's. A narrator introduces the starting of Secret Desire by paying complementary sentiment to this glorified US state. After all, California has smth for everybody: a temperate climate all year round; a biggest metropolis that caters to the aspirations of each dude and woman striving for fame and fortune across the globe; mountainous scenery and sandy beaches packed with Baywatch-type chicks; farms and citrus groves that employ underpaid migrant workers from Mexico; and specie leaving trails of stink on Rodeo Drive. But, of course, California has a darker side that the gullible people of this planet refuse to acknowledge; either that or we secrete this tenet of information from our conscious minds in fear of having that darksome side of California erasing our utopian views of what we crave to make no doubt of this golden state is like. This darksome side is at no time mentioned in brochures. Who would wish to advertise some of the world's almost all notorious serial such as the Freeway , the Koreatown Slasher, the Southside Slayer, the Candlelight , the Sunset Slayer, the Trash Bag , the Night Stalker, and the Orange Coast , etc? Oh, and one cannot forget the shocking and horrific homicide of The Black Dahlia; cut totally in half with her throat slashed from ear to ear and dumped beside an suburban sidewalk back in 1947. No official study has been able to explain the disproportionate number of serial attestable to the secreted darksome side pertaining to this good state. William Bonin and Vernon Butts, Fernando Cota, Harvey Glatman, The Manson family, Patrick Kearney, Thor Christiansen, Randy Kraft, Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, all invoke terrible nightmares that are still felt this day. California is often described as the psychopath central of the world, or at least it was back in the 70's. That this part of the world is indeed accountable for at least 10% of the world's identified serial betwixt the years 1950 and 2000 is no thing short of incredible. Monsters do exist, and those legendary serial are the evidence.
The bipolar perception that one conjures in regards to California is expressed so succinctly in the narrated introduction of White Slavers. After the narrator brings an end to his short introduction, we are hit across the face with the musical score from Psycho. The score is accompanied with a black-haired female bound to the top of the table inside an attic with her nude back receiving the ferocious whipping dispensed by a grey-haired psychopath. The psychopath keeps asking where his is. The bound sufferer is then from behind and to give oral stimulation against her will. This sex scene sets a nightmarish precedent when the cumshot of the psychopath is accompanied with the jabbing violin score of Janet Leigh stabbed to in Psycho.
Disturbing stuff truly. Secret Desire invokes the sensation of a horror film.
The psychopath's is called Mary. Mary is a very blameless juvenile woman who is presently courting a older and blond gentleman called John. Mary laments to John why that babe is living in absolute terror and fears going back home to live with her . Her is evidently an abusive individual (as we saw in the very 1st scene of this film), and Mary is eager of running away from him.
John takes Mary to visit one of his allies; Bob is his name and this chab shares the abode with his blond girlfriend who lounges in couch all the time begging for a male organ to engulf on. Bob consoles Mary by reassuring her that that babe can live with him and his girlfriend until this babe finds a place of her own. Mary is ecstatic and lastly has the courage to face her and collect her belongings.
Mary walks home. She enters her abode and discovers nobody there, but when that babe curiously climbs the staircase leading to the attic after hearing a female voice, this babe discovers the fully deranged criminality of what her is capable of. There in the darkened recesses of the attic is a exposed woman fastened with her hands above her head and bearing the red marks of protracted humiliate. Mary rushes to free the vulnerable female from the grips of bondage suspending her from the roof beams, but her spoils the proceedings by ambushing her from behind. Mary is taken hostage by her own and inside the dark attic.
Back at Bob's abode, the jovial atmosphere is strained at the length of Mary's absence. Bob sends his girlfriend in search of Mary and when this babe likewise doesn't return, the 2 chaps go searching.
Secret Desire is imbued with photos of bare females fastened up in bondage inside a madman's attic. The score accompanying our bleak descent into the darkened corners of the Californian state heightens the dread that trickle like slime from our television screen. The sex is filthy with sweat and grime, and the palpitating darkness inside the attic elicits fears of the darksome that were one time lengthy forgotten in antiquity.

Format: avi

Duration: 55:50

Video: 720x544, XviD, 1025kbps

Audio: 187kbps

Secret Desire

Secret Desire

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Secret Desire

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