Roll Up The Carpet In Order To Dominate

June 16th, 2016

Roll up the carpet in order to dominate

Release Year: 2016

Cast: Amadahy, Lola, Noe

Genres: Female Domination, male milking machine, bondage male, cum play, edging, electric play

Video language: English

Amadahy is curious to watch if a TENS unit will increase pre-cum production in a cow. Noe suspects it will. The cows testicles have been bound off. They are willing for the pads to be applied. Amadahy applies the pads. Then, that babe shows new-hire, Noe, how the cows are teased. Amadahy explains that the vials this cow previously produced are not viable. Theres likewise much cum mixed in with the pre-cum. Its not pure sufficiently for use. Amadahy demonstrates how bad cum is recycled back into the cow. She pinches it is nose and it to juice a full vial. The vials werent labeled, so theyre not sure if the cum is this special cows own. It doesnt matter. Amadahy explains, all cum is recycled. Amadahy further explains to Noe the role of the teaser. She then turns up the TENS unit, which appears to be working. The cow moos to indicate that it is in ache. Noe observes that the animals appear to be to whimper a lot. Amadahy reminds her that those animals arent human. The greater quantity pre-cum we can acquire out of em the greater quantity specie well make and that is all that matters. She states. The cow acquires a series of denial shocks to prevent orgasms. Its having a very productive shift. The cow is being constantly edged. It likes Amadahys butt and not quite cums each time that babe sits on it is face. Noe is anxious about how violently the cow shakes when it is shocked. Shes afraid that babe might acquire hurt by it is thrashing about. Amadahy sends the labs assistant to deliver a couple of worn pants. She gags it with the pants to prevent the from biting it is own tongue during the shocks. Amadahy removes the pants briefly to recycle one more bad vial. The cow spits it up. Its having a lot of difficulty swallowing the second vial. It acquires some of the cum in it is eye. Amadahy wipes it is face so that this babe doesnt acquire any on her. She explains that cows are underneath even slaves. This one will spend the final of it is days inside the warehouse. It will at no time emerge, but if it behaves it can watch a picture of it is Princess. The cow likes it is Princess. Amadahy says that the one valuable characteristic of each cow is it is unconditional love for it is Princess. Theres greater quantity unusable pre-cum in the lab. Amadahy sends the assistant after it. The assistant returns with a full test tube. Amadahy smells the tube. It is indeed dirt. Its from one of the cows on a diet. All 3 cuties make feed the cow the terrible contents of the test tube. The cow not quite aspirates. Amadahy reminds the other gals that they need to keep this one alive for a not many greater quantity years. It would be a costly mistake to let a fairly youthful cow aspirate on cum. Amadahy is right and they all laugh. They stuff the naughty pants back into the cows face hole. Its big o levels begin to drop. Its alive, but no longer functioning properly. No matter how tired or defiant the cow acquires, there are also many controls in place to keep it from losing an erection. However, very little pre-cum is being harvested. Amadahy adjusts the TENS unit. Nothing. The cow has reached an exhausted state. Amadahy tries a last-ditch effort with the cows known fetish. It has flat-lined. Amadahy promises the cow a negative report to it is Princess. The cow is abandoned. After a scarcely any minutes the assistant returns. Shes come to have a heart to heart with the cow. The lab assistant just cant understand why this cow isnt trying harder. She concludes that it get to be cuz the cow is failing at being the lowest lifeform. She leaves the cow with no words of wisdom.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 37:43

Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 5859kbps

Audio: 312kbps

Roll up the carpet in order to dominate

Roll up the carpet in order to dominate

Roll up the carpet in order to dominate

File size: 1.6 GB

Roll up the carpet in order to dominate

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