Fucks Domestic Cuck Into Submission Before Tea Party

August 27th, 2016

Amadahy’s tea party is just hours away. It has to be consummate, but the efforts of Amadahy’s domestic cuckold are not up to par. There are streaks on the counter, not gracious to Amadahy, and of course not smth She wishes Her girlfriends to watch. Amadahy makes the cuck stick it is tongue out and take up with the tongue the messy streaks from the counter. The cuck makes a large fuss. Amadahy ignores it is fussing and chastises it. She takes an apple and puts it in the cucks throat to shut it up. Then She goes around the kitchen finding flaws. Most outrageously, the cucumber sandwiches have not been made. Amadahy is very serious about Her cucumber sandwiches. A cucumber sandwich cannot ever be improperly made, or worse yet, totally absent. That’s it. Clearly, the cuck needs to be screwed and beaten back into it is lowly lot in life. Amadahy starts to whip her cuck and it goes back to it is petulant fussing. She demands it iterate after Her, but with the apple in it is face hole it is incoherent. Amadahy whips it harder for once more not completing Her request. She iterates Her instructions for the party preparations over and over as She beats the cuck. The cuck is so inexperienced, She has to literally beat the message into him and She’s sick of having to correct the dummy. Amadahy pulls one of her largest weenies out of the drawer. She doesn’t care if this babe splits the cuck’s anal opening wide open. It has to learn to listen somehow. Amadahy thrusts Her jock into the cuck’s throat 1st. It gags and fusses, but the real suffering hasn’t even started. Amadahy takes the cucks taut chocolate hole. The cuck howls and makes a lot of pang noises. It’s obviously greatly uncomfortable for the cuck. Amadahy laughs. She bonks him in any case. The cuck actually struggles. His face is overspread in sweat and this chab won’t stop crying. Amadahy can watch his ache and bonks him even harder. When she’s finished, Amadahy sends the cuck back to cleaning. The cuck cries as it resumes sweeping. Amadahy looks agreeable in her polka dot suit. Note, there is a miniature spot of dried red on the camera lens through this entire movie scene, but it isn’t distracting. It’s from when the cuck’s body opened up in a previous whipping scene we had discharged, and we forget to clean the lens afterward

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 16:37

Video: 1920x1080, Windows Media Video 9

Audio: 312kbps

Fucks Domestic Cuck into Submission before Tea Party

Fucks Domestic Cuck into Submission before Tea Party

File size: 1.2 GB

Fucks Domestic Cuck into Submission before Tea Party

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